Desultory Discourse of a Spasmodic Spaz-Matron… Who happens to be a mom…

Armed with a weeks’ worth of food journal entries (oh yeah, Corwin has a very detailed food journal kept in a spiral and maintained by both families), I have been able to take a good, hard look at Corwin’s (lack) of nutrition. After an in-depth discussion with Lynn, we’ve decided to replace Corwin’s favorite gluten and/or casein filled foods one at a time with likeable, healthier foods for him. I think throwing him in full-force will only further deter him from complying with the very necessary diet changes. I don’t want to shock him by throwing out everything all at once! That being said, obviously we are cutting everything we can right away. For example, no more dyes period. Period. They are unnecessary, and the easiest to exclude. Secondly, dairy is a very easy thing to avoid. He loves chocolate soy milk (Silk) and doesn’t even taste the difference. So that’s easy. As well, considering he eats no meat and Silk has 5g of protein per serving, *double thumbs up!* He also likes coconut milk (vanilla), but he doesn’t gulp it down as easily. Gluten is the harder one… so we’ll simply replace what we can when we can and constantly update our list of “no!” foods once we find alternatives.

Plan for tomorrow-


  • Gluten-free blueberry waffles (he loves pancakes, and loves blueberries, and I wont even mention that they’re gluten-free so I expect this to go over well. Will serve with regular syrup, only if necessary, in order to ensure he at least tastes it)
  • Chocolate Silk
  • Rice Chex
  • Banana
  • Gluten-free multivitamin with Iron (duh…)

School Snack-

  • Chopped strawberries
  • A handful of blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Coconut milk

After School Mini Snack (because he is never hungry enough for a full meal)

  • Gluten-free BBQ chips (Boulder brand, loves ’em!)
  • Smart Water


  • Grilled cheese (since we haven’t found a good enough alternative yet, still looking. He specifically asks for it. If you have advice, give it to me!) with ketchup (weird, I know… Thanks Robyn! :-p)
  • Various mixed veggies
  • Cantaloupe
  • 1/2 apple
  • Spinach
  • Smart water and/or Silk (yay, protein!)
  • He’ll probably talk me into a hot dog…. at least they’re turkey only, and gluten/casein free! But gosh are they gross…


  • TBD…

Well, I think that’s a start :).


Comments on: "Just A Quick Note This Time" (2)

  1. Saturated animal fat is one of the most important nutrients for human beings, and that goes doubly for children with developing brains. Soy products contain phyto-estrogens which behave like estrogen! I seriously hope you aren’t buying into vegan propaganda which tends to leverage health myths from the 50s (see: lipid hypothesis). I find this diet pretty terrifying.

  2. We nixed soy after discovering that because he wasn’t eating any meat (texture gag thing), he was losing out on vital nutrients ;). It’s fixed now. lol.

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