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School Chart

As previously mentioned, Corwin is not a big fan of school (or at least wasn’t at first). I truly believe that academically he is far beyond what he is being taught at school, so he just is bored. However, his social skills are very lacking and he has a speech therapist he sees daily so I know it is important that he continue in the integrated preschool program. The fights in the morning were really beginning to take their toll, so I created a “game” in order to keep Corwin’s interest in school. Here is a picture of our most recent school chart-

Corwin’s recent OBSESSION is space. He loves to learn about stars and the solar system. So every day he goes to school, he gets to make a planet (a circle cut out of construction paper) and pick the color (which he usually correlates to the planet, ie Mercury is brown for being burnt, Venus is orange for being hot, etc). Afterwards, he places it on to the chart. When he gets all the planets in the solar system on the chart, he gets a small reward of some kind. He LOVES it. Every single day he gets home from school, before I even ask how his day went, he yells out “I went to school, where’s my planets!”

Since implementing this (we had an earlier chart with animals), the fights in the mornings have stopped. He still isn’t thrilled about going, but he at least has something to look forward to when the day is done. I also like that it works out his motor skills (the cutting), his memorization (lining the planets up in the correct order), and teaches him that hard work and sticking to responsibilities really can lead to promising outcomes.

So overall, a big success :).


Comments on: "School Chart" (2)

  1. Sara Laljiani said:

    thats so awesome! you are so creative. and Corwins love for space…totally youre doing i imagine 🙂

  2. lol actually it’s Lynn’s… and I’m very pleased with it 😀

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