Desultory Discourse of a Spasmodic Spaz-Matron… Who happens to be a mom…

Homeschooling Revisited….

Let’s start with some back story…

Last semester, Corwin attended Pearson Early Childhood Center in Plano full-time (3 hrs per day/ 5 days a week) and absolutely hated it. He liked Primrose only slightly better, and when we would ever ask him why his only response would be that it was “boring”. No more information. For me, it was unsettling only because Corwin is a chatter box… When he wont talk about something, it really means there is something wrong. Over time, the bits and pieces I was able to collect led me to the decision that Pearson, or at least his teacher/educational approach at that time, was not the best for nurturing his love for learning. He became very aggressive, very negative, temper-tantrums x 10, and really didn’t seem to benefit from the program very much at all (aside from the speech therapy… getting to that!). These kids are learning ABC’s, 123’s, color recognition, and various other skills that Corwin mastered a long time ago. So yes, he was bored. And it was completely pointless to him.

After realizing this, Lynn and I discussed several options… She is a big advocate for homeschooling 100%, which I was incredibly reluctant with because a lot of his delays are social. After much thought and deliberation, we agreed with him going to Pearson with a new teacher (which happens to be the lead teacher of the special education department!) 2x a week so he can still get speech therapy, and Lynn and I will home school him the rest of the week. He will also be starting soccer! I am very excited for him, and I believe this will work out incredibly well for him. His room over at Lynn’s has officially been converted into a “classroom” with a pretend center, science center, reading center, math center, etc…

I am so incredibly blessed that Corwin has such an involved grandmother who can afford to do things like that for him. And have so much time for him… It used to make me very insecure, like I was a terrible mother for not being as well off or having as much time, but now I am beginning to take it as a bittersweet gift that I am more than happy to receive on Corwin’s behalf :).


Your thoughts?

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